What shoes to you wear with grey dress

The grey dress is a signifier of sophistication, intellect, and perhaps mystery.

It is appropriate for an autumn day in serious company, for the mourning of a lost friend or loved one, or in a pinch and depending on the length and cut of the dress, could serve as a decent professional outfit.

Of the myriad shades we have at our disposal, we will cover just a few—gunmetal, charcoal, bridesmaid, silver, slate, dark grey, and dove grey.

What color shoes to a grey dress 2020

Let’s discuss first what color of shoes match best with a light grey or silver dress.

In general the best accent is a white or a platinum greyish-white.

This allows a fine pair of shoes to be recognized by an onlooker while also not outshining the main attraction, which is in most cases the dress itself.

Grey dresses with sneakers

Again, you’ll usually want to go with white in terms of footwear, and sneakers are no exception.

Silver dress with sneakers examples 2020

If you are dressing for a more casual occasion, a logo on the side of the shoe is no problem, but if you are quite fashion-conscious, it’s usually best to avoid the busy graphic-style prints.

Instead, keep it simple, and allow the color coordination shine out and speak for itself.

Grey dresses with sandals

Sandals can go quite well with the grey dress because there is something rather fay and minimal about the color choice of grey to begin with.

A dainty pair of sandals plays up this minimalist aspect even more.

Grey dress with sandals examples 2020

A tied sash of satin or silk-like material around the waistline is a phenomenal way to accessorize if you are attempting to go for that type of look.

Grey dresses with heels

For heels, as with sandals, dainty is better.

Charocal dress with heels examples

Grey dresses with boots

Boots are inevitably a way to project a sense of power and control, and depending on who you plan to be with or encounter, they are potentially a fine match for the already professional-looking grey.

Grey dress with boots examples

Of course, if you opt for a shorter cut dress, a pair of boots could be worn to signify something altogether contrary…

Light grey dress with black shoes

Black shoes tend to be a safe option for nearly any outfit.

We can certainly confirm this remains the case for grey dresses—fear not if you are unable to find the perfect pair of boots or heels for your outfit. You can always fall back on the failsafe pair of black shoes.

Light grey dress with black shoes examples 2020

Silver Grey with white shoes

A silver grey dress with white shoes can be surprisingly casual, and to be frank it carries a bit of a potent double edge.

Silver grey with white shoes examples 2020

You’ll not only be perceived as perfectly acceptable in casual scenarios – you’ll also be setting yourself apart from the endless crowd dressed in jeans and tee shirts.

Grey dress – red shoes

Red shoes with a grey dress carries a bit of a secretary stereotype, but if you’re able to rock it, then rock it!

Grey dress with red shoes examples

As always the final rule is that if it looks good on you, then wear it.

Grey dress – yellow shoes

An ensemble of unique postmodern flourish is the neon yellow footwear with a grey dress.

Does it clash?

Absolutely not. Is it surprising? It would seem so. Not many people would think of this as the first option to wear with a grey dress, but it comes across as urban, quirky, and contemporary.

Grey dress with yellow shoes examples

Grey dress – brown shoes

What could we say that hasn’t been said about this fantastic combo already?

It works for literally every possible scenario, it’s sleek, it’s trustworthy, the brown shoes can be recycled for plenty of other outfits as well.

Silver with brown shoes examples 2020

If you have the opportunity to get a pair of brown shoes that goes well with your grey dress, we would definitely advise it. It’s a great investment.