What Color Shoes to Wear with a Yellow Dress

Perhaps you are someone who has never felt like you could “pull off” a yellow dress. Maybe it seems too much for you in its intense energy, that unapologetic solar blast of in-your-face brightness.

Fear not, we say, and don those amarillo fabrics with glee. May, June, July – there is no better time of year than the fullness of summer to wear a yellow dress, and we are here to help you determine how to match it with the perfect pair of shoes.

One of the coolest parts of wearing yellow is that it’s more than a fashion statement. It can literally brighten someone’s day.

What color shoes with yellow dress examples 2020

Though it may not match with everything, a well chose array with yellow fabric as the centerpiece can be an attractive choice or even a thoughtful act of kindness, depending on you who plan to visit, and what you plan to say to them.


Sneakers, Heels, and Sandals – OH MY (What to Choose and When)

Depending on the context, it can be appropriate to go with sneakers, heels, or sandals for footwear with the yellow dress.

Sandals flats and heels with yellow dress examples fashion

Yellow Dress + White Shoes

White shoes portray an amusing and low pressure personality, up for anything, and worry free. Combined with the yellow ensemble, it’s a surefire way to let your buttery, lovable charisma shine.

Yellow dress with white shoes examples 2020

Yellow Dress + Black Shoes

Black shoes with the yellow dress are slightly less flirtations, appropriate for a social outing with friends. The mall, the movie theatre, or the downtown merchant district may be calling your name in this attire.

Yellow dress with black shoes examples 2020

Yellow Dress + Pink Shoes

Finally—an opportunity to wear pink shoes that seems totally appropriate. It’s a funny thing because both the pink and the yellow are quite bright, and you would expect it to be a little over the top, but oddly enough they balance each other to make the entire outfit a nondescript combination. Who would question this pairing? No one, really. It’s a magnetic look that is both confident and safe.

Yellow dress with pink shoes examples

Yellow Dress + Gold Shoes

Talk about the image of a true princess! There is no more fairytale look than this. A feathery affair, doves of the world unite! Our fashion wishes have henceforth been granted. Gold shoes, especially high heels, are the domain of the truly luxurious in lifestyle.

Yellow dress with gold shoes examples 2020

You could be en route to the premier of a major event or maybe simply the star personality of a daytrip to the local boardwalk. Whatever the case may be, gold heels are an investment you will never regret. Earn them, wear them, rock them, love them, and never look back.

Yellow Dress + Red Shoes

As depicted above you could be shooting for a Legally Blonde look or maybe a more traditional appearance. Either way, red shoes are totally fine with yellow as well.

See how our options are multiplying…the humble yellow dress may seem like one of those bold colors that are difficult to match, but it’s actually surprisingly adaptable.

Yellow dress with red shoes examples

Yellow Dress + Blue Shoes

Finally for a somewhat experimental option, you could also opt for a pair of blue shoes. This contrast of pastels is a simple, yet effective contrast of primaries. Imagine yourself as a retroactive representative of the 1970s avant-garde. Andy Warhol would approve, dear.

Yellow dress with blue shoes examples