Bountiful Footwear Options for the Green Dress Ensemble

Green symbolizes growth, balance, and nature. It is a literal and figurative down-to-Earth color.

When we put on a green dress we can breath easy knowing that the image is one of humility and perhaps even wisdom.

What shoes go best with this safe yet alluring choice of dress?

It depend on the specific kind of green in question, whether a cool mint, a dark viridian, lime or an olive shade.

Green in fashion / green as sustainability

Sultry Slytherin has increasingly made headway in the Milan fashion world this year, and it’s a nod to sustainability, as well as a clean Earth mindset.

It’s a character projection of high brow ethics.

What color shoes with green dress 2020

How to wear green dress with sneakers?

One topic that we like to cover across the color array in terms of dresses is how best to incorporate sneakers into your outfit.

In a lovely blend of pragmatism, contemporary style, and (tom)boyish charm, we tend to observe that sneakers are a practical choice any day of the week when you’re reaching for footwear to put on with a dress.

It’s potentially surprising because we never saw Cinderella or Ariel wearing tennis shoes or Chuck Taylors in Disney movies when we were growing up, but at the end of the day it really makes sense.

Green dress with sneakers examples 2020

When walking sidewalks, long hallways, or at outdoor cultural events, sneakers rule.

Hot to wear green dress with boots?

A second option for footwear is a nice, casual pair of boots.

Whether you opt for leather or suede, the benefit is that you are immediate communicating to onlookers that you are a fashion conscious person.

Green dress with boots examples 2020

Watch social responses of onlookers subtly change – it’s a real phenomenon. Use this power wisely.

Green dress – nude color shoes

Another classic to wear with a green dress is a nude color pair of shoes.

While some may perceive it as somewhat less professional, it’s undeniably a smooth color combination and when done correctly it hints at an almost elvish look. The Celtic goddess approves.

Green dress with nude shoes examples

Green dress – white shoes

White shoes with a green dress is a fun look. It’s perfect for springtime, blue skies, traditional settings such as picnics or the park.

Though it can also be a distinctly urban look if you opt for a neon shade.

Green dress white shoes examples 2020

Thus whether you are a nightclub person or a flowerchild, white shoes are an option on the table.

Green dress – Yellow shoes

We dare our readers to challenge themselves.

If you find yourself at a thrift shop and see that pair of yellow shoes that you’re on the fence about, overcome your fears.

Green dress with yellow shoes examples

They make an excellent addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Think of rainy days with an umbrella, a bus ride to city’s center, the intense mental energy of a detective with the good humor of poet.

Green dress – black shoes

What hasn’t been said about black shoes? They go with anything, and with green dresses it’s no exception.

The wearer of a sturdy pair of black shoes is not to be trifled with. If you are someone who reaches first for black shoes, odds are that you let your business acumen do the talking and have nothing to prove in terms of image.

Green dress with black shoes examples 2020

Yet – the black shoes also speak for themselves and can’t really be questioned credibly in terms of fashion.

Green dress – red shoes

Red shoes take moxy, and if you’ve got it then use it.

This devil-may-care approach essentially says that you stand above criticism, confident and proud.

Green dress with red shoes examples 2020

Green dress – Blue, Pink and Violet

If you are an artistic personality, we highly recommend a contrasting pastel decision such as blue, pink, or violet.

It could come straight out of a period drama set. It’s bold yet by paradox safe at the same time.

Green dress with blue, pink and blue shoes examples 2020

If you’re lucky enough to encounter that pair of bright colored heels that perfectly compliment your green dress, pick them up and never look back.