What color shoes to a light blue dress?

The first week of April is in the tailwind now, and many of us are turning to our springtime wardrobe as the weather nods us forward. 

What color should be at the forefront of our closets? Azure, azure, impeccable azure, of course. 

Whether you opt for a strong and traditional Oxford Blue or a playful cerulean, it’s innately inoffensive and welcoming. Yet, by paradox it is lustrously attractive beaucoup. For those well guided in the springtime light blue outfit crowd, the next question may be, what footwear best accents the light blue dress?

what color shoes to light Blue dress examples 2020

We should first keep in mind that a blue dress is not simply blue, and there are differences to consider. The light blue and sky blue at times can verge into a periwinkle shade. These shades rely on subtle purple undertones to project a particularly soothing arrangement.

Which colors go well with light and sky blue clothes?

In terms of our array of options that harmonize well with light and sky blue, we have nude, light blue, navy blue, black, white, or for a bold and ambitious option red. 

Nude offers a contrast of pastels which works very well for light blue. For a sky blue, depending on the exact hue, it could be a bit jarring, so simply exercise fair judgement. 

A light blue pair of shoes would compliment sky blue well as a chromatic color pairing, and of course navy blue shoes are a wonderful option if you have lovely legs and aim to direct the gaze downward. 

Black or white shoes are a universal as well, so you’re likely safe with either in the absence of other choices. 

Finally as mentioned above, if your goal is to make a rebellious statement that any color combo can look fantastic on someone with that certain knack for fashionable pairings, we recommend reaching for red. It is surprisingly effective.

Heels, sneakers or sandals with your light blue dress?

If you have a day of strenuous walking ahead or simply prefer a more casual look, sneakers are the way to go. 

Heels sneakers and flats with light blue dress examples 2020

For matters of recreation, whether at sea or public gathering, sandals present a fun, laid back demeanor. 

When in doubt, though, opt for heels. Simply reasoned, they are timeless and set fine standards in many aspects of one’s life.

Light blue dress – Light blue shoes

For a slightly formal slant on a look that is traditionally seen as casual, it is possible to wear a light blue pair of shoes with a light blue dress. 

This says something to the effect of, “I’m fairly conscious about how I look at the moment, but I do also mean business.” 

It is down to Earth look that can potentially express a character both humble and industrious.

Light blue dress – White or beige color shoes

A pair of white or beige colored shoes are a retro option. Whether in terms of personality you are as conventional as a 1950s Betty Boop or you are at the helm of international feminism, the white / beige footwear pairing with a light blue dress inarguably evokes a nostalgic feeling.

Light blue dress with white shoes examples

Light blue dress – Nude color shoes

A nude colored pair of boots or perhaps flats are a great choice for a professional look.Light blue dress with nude shoes examples

Light blue dress – Red color shoes

As mentioned, red with light blue can be a cheeky statement of sorts. It works well as a balancing of tradition with reform. Funnily enough Amanda Palmer or Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz would be equally at home with this selection.

Light blue dress with red shoes examples

Light blue dress – Black shoes

As the fashion saavy are oft quick to remind, black shoes are an excellent bet for almost any outfit if you are perhaps in a rush in the morning and simply need a color combo that is guaranteed to be palatable.

Light blue dress with black shoes examples

Light blue dress – Pink shoes

Flirtatious. Non apologetic. Perhaps even powerful. The pink shoes with light blue dress color combo is for those with confidence beyond measure, who are both fearless and fun.

Light blue dress with pink and violet shoes examples 2020

How do you accessorize a light blue dress?

Lastly, let’s talk accessories, using the light blue dress as our flagship example. This milky color placed upon a décolleté with matching qualities produces a feminine aura like few other outfits can. 

While some may praise the little black dress as infallible, we must admit a light blue affair with the appropriately chic handbag or purse is a look unsurpassed in delicacy. 

Light blue dress with accessories examples

Add a gold wristband, a wristwatch, or a well chosen necklace for that final layer of opulence.