What color purse with navy and royal blue dress

What are the differences between royal and navy blue?

What color purse with navy blue dress 2020

It may seem like a trivial question, but in the context of historical fashion and culture, the difference is in reality somewhat profound. With a royal blue dress, you are heading into glamour fashion territory.

It is strikingly modern, it is intense, and it is absolutely unapologetic for its intensity. With a navy colored dress, the image is much more akin to an aristocratic European mentality.

We could explain it with a literary analogy. If royal blue represents the pride and greatness of Herman Melville, then Navy is the high class and subtlety of Molière.

What color of purse should we carry with either? The answer is one of those tiniest details which fill the wide open form of life with our attuned sense of beauty and loving attentiveness.

White, nude or beige

If you choose a white, nude, or beige purse, it’s difficult to go astray. This offers a natural contrast to the bold darkness of either royal or navy blue.

White, beige purse with royal blue dress examples

Black purse with navy or royal blue

Likewise a black purse, much like a black pair of shoes, is a safe option for almost any outfit, and royal or navy blue dresses are no exception in this regard.

Onyx colored leather (or a faux leather) is a look that will never go out of style, whether worn as an accessory or as a primary piece of the outfit.

It also works well as an everyday outfit with a pair of jeans and a blue button up shirt or a blouse.

Black purse with navy blue dress 2020 examples

Needless to say a black purse is something that almost everyone has in the back of their closet, so it’s naturally a smart way to streamline our outfits on those mornings when everything is in all of a rush.


A brown purse can work quite well with a navy blue dress.

With royal blue, we advise to be mindful of how bright the shade of brown is, as a light brown purse can clash in a terrible way with royal blue.

Brown purse with royal blue dress examples 2020

It is still an option, as long as we pay reasonable attention to this possibility.


A red purse offers a highly creative and original pairing with a navy blue ensemble. It’s also a fantastic choice if you have a purse from a certain designer which you are particularly fond of, as the color combo allows the purse to shine out from the rest of the outfit. This type of outfit is something you can wear out and about, around town, and it presents as perhaps more formal than the average citizen, yet not bizarrely over top.


On the other hand a pink purse offers similar benefits when carried while wearing royal blue. It’s bright, contrasts with the rest of the outfit without overtly clashing, and it generally frames the purse itself front and center.

Blue purse

Blue purses are terribly underrated, possibly because they are not as universally applicable as their sibling, the black purse.

However as we can see in the photographs below, the blue purse is seriously a way to set oneself apart as a veritable rockstar when wearing a fashionable blue dress, either navy or royal blue in this case.

blue purse with royal blue dress 2020

With a blue purse you could declare to the world that you are a lady of independent wealth and means, not that you need the purse to attain such a status, but that you are secure enough to afford it as a nonessential accessory.

It is something we associate with excess and comfortability.