What color hand bag with white shoes

Hello readers!

In this article we are going to cover a totally different kind of outfit which some outside the fashion world do not always notice or consider. 

Namely we are discussing the ways in which we can match a handbag with a specific colored pair of shoes in order to make a fashionable statement.

It’s the type of trick that is handy to keep in mind though the waves and turbulence of life.

Do we always have the exactly perfect color of dress to match with the rest of our outfit?

The answer is no. Between the dry cleaning and travel, and all of the other chaos, it sometimes happens that we are, despite our best efforts, without anything to wear.

In these moments we can turn to the matching of accessories with one another to put together a makeshift outfit. Suspicious? Trust us, it works.

White color handbag with white shoes

Observe the monochromatic pairing of a white handbag with white shoes. It’s omniapplicable.

It has the strange effect of tying together so many outfits regardless of the dress or blouse.

White color handbag with white color shoes examples 2020

In a lovely way the monochromatic pairing of  hand-bag with shoes is a chameleon card that blends a presentation together.

Nude color handbag with white shoes

A nude colored handbag with white shoes is a way of signifying that you are dainty and professional in simultaneous manner.

Expect to see this combination much more often in urban centers than in the suburbs.

Nude color bag with white shoes examples 2020

It’s one of the ways in which cultural feminism finally declares its victory over the legacy of the 1950-1960s professional world.

Brown purse with white shoes

With white shoes and a brown purse, we are not really showing off, but it’s certainly a well put together outfit.

Brown purse with white shoes examples 2020

It’s the kind of arrangement we can put on before going to a coffee shop to do some work in public.

Is it particularly alluring? Perhaps not.

Yet perhaps on certain days when we desire not a flurry of attention but rather precious space and solitude, “alluring” could in fact be the bane of our existence.

Black handbag with white shoes

If you are walking through town on an average day and want an outfit that will be discreet yet perfectly attractive, you could do no better than matching a black handbag with white shoes.

Black handbag with white shoes examples

It doesn’t cry out for attention, but it’s sleek, professional, and perhaps even alluring.

Pink handbag with white shoes

A pink handbag with white shoes presents the aura of femininity without being over the top.

It’s self-aware.

The image is humble but also in full acknowledgement of one’s status.

Pink color handbag with white shoes examples

Depending on whether we match with tennis shoes or boots or heels, the formality shifts.

With heels it can almost border on glamourous. With tennis shoes it’s entirely suitable for a walk to Urban Outfitters or the mall.

Red handbag with white shoes

The resurgence of traditionalist styles comes around in waves.

It can be fun to coopt and experiment with these kinds of ensembles that could have come straight out of a Betty Boop cartoon.

What color handbag with white shoes

The red handbag with white shoes combo is an example of this process of deconstructive awareness.

It’s a strategy that is double pointed because:

1) no one will accuse you of being modish and overly concerned with trends of the present day, and 2) many will applaud you for reclaiming outfits from the past and making them suitable for a contemporary milieu.

If you aim to be original, perhaps even provocative, this represents the precise territory which remains to be explored in our time.