Pounding Pavement for Tennis Shoes to Wear with Dresses

You found that lovely dress that accents your figure so well, in your favorite color, and of favorable cut. 

Tennis shoes may seem like a counterintuitive choice, but trust us when we say that they should be an option for anyone’s wardrobe, whether to be worn with a dress, a pair of slacks, or the sweatpants we normally associate with tennis shoes. 

In this article we’re going cover how exactly to wear tennis shoes with dresses, which shoes work best in this regard, and which occasions warrant it.

What is considered a tennis shoe?

Let’s do a bit of definitional isolation: what exactly is a tennis shoe? Where did the term even come from anyway? 

For the purposes of this article we’re going to consider Converse, Vans, and Superga, all of which share certain commonalities, the first of which is that none of these brands are tennis shoes. 

Tennis shoes to dresses examples 2020

Tennis shoes are made specifically for athletic activity. Sneakers on the other hand are for casual situations. If you are headed to the track, the gym, or the tennis court, reach for Adidas, Nikes, or Champions. 

If you’re going for a walk with your dog, a pair of Chuck Taylors will suffice. Sneakers tend to be flat soled, without arch support, and are made with less durable material. They can be fashionable, but put too much stress on them, and they will wear out much more quickly than a pair of tennis shoes.

Can only young girls wear shoes with dresses?

Of course youth goes almost hand in hand with physicality and tennis shoes. However there’s no reason why an older person should feel shoes are out of the question when wearing a dress. 

As long as you are not headed to the Opera or some formal occasion, it’s perfectly fine regardless of one’s age.

Which celebrities are known to wear tennis shoes with dresses?

We’ve seen various celebrities challenging social norms in recent years by skipping the high heels in favor of a pair of sneakers or tennis shoes. Dakota Johnson, Rihanna, Beyonce, Kendall Jenner, the list goes on.

All sorts of big names are in the camp that consider a nice pair of shoes to be perfectly acceptable to wear with a dress.

Celebrities wearing tennis shoes to dresses examples

 Photo 1: Kendall Jenner, Adidas and midlength dress

Photo 2: Emily Ratajkowski in fine garb, a red carpet affair with a simple pair of Reeboks

Photo 3: Bella Hadid, Cannes 2020

Do all types of dresses go well with tennis shoes?

Tennis shoes go better with midlength or shorter dresses. Full length gowns are forever a match for high heels or a pair of formal flats.

Wear dresses with Superga, Vans, or Converse

The Superga collection of sneakers, an Italian brand currently owned by Steve Madden, is one of the best choices for sneakers that go well with dresses for casual occasions.

Superga sneakers with dress examples 2020

Vans, the skateboarding brand, is also a great way to go if you’re an urban style person who likes to hang out and mingle in the underground scene. If neither of those are your style, you could always opt for a classic pair of converse non-skids. In terms of form and function for the price, it’s been said that nothing beats a black and white pair of Chuck Taylor All-Stars.