Sandals to wear with maxi dress

It seems we are always analysing the details of what is in and what is out, yet some questions go strangely unaddressed when it comes to the fashion world.

We aim to not let this become one of them: are maxi dresses fashionable in year 2020?

We’ve now passed three separate waves of feminist activism, and it’s clear that in mainstream media as well as around most locales, the preference has shifted away from traditionalist, ankle-length dresses.

Sandals with maxi dresses

However we must admit that a maxi dress is never simply a maxi dress. There are variables to consider such as the specific style and cut of the dress, the material, the accessories, the print, and the list goes on.

In general, we should likely settle on the answer as being quite personal and dependent on context. In general modesty never goes completely out of style, and you’re safer in a modest length dress than in something more flashy.

Let’s also take a moment to point out that an ankle length dress isn’t necessarily a flat-out traditionalist thing to wear.

Consider occasions such as a walk down the beach in a cool breeze, a group picnic, or even a stroll through the mall. In contexts such as these, you’re not going to be seen as a nun but instead as rather fine and glamorous.

What type of sandals go well with Maxi dresses

There are a few types of sandals that can really put some flair into the maxi dress.

Wood sandals, flip flops, leather, rope, flat, platform, and gladiator sandals each put their own unique spin on the outfit.

Natural materials as seen in wood sandals, rope, or leather sandals not only go great with the image but also demonstrate your concern for sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Flip flops are trending. How to wear it with Maxi dress.

Flip flops are a nice, casual option if you’re just doing your thing and not out to impress anyone in particular.

Maxi dress with flip flops examples

To be honest that can sometimes be more respectable than going for glamorous every day of the week.

Go with your gut. When in doubt just keep the chin raised, and let your innate confidence out.

Maxi dress with leather sandals

Leather sandals with the maxi dress have an undeniable authentic charm.

It’s the kind of outfit we associate with old cinematic masterpieces.

Maxi dress with leather sandals examples

Odds are, if you go with this combo, it won’t be seen as fashion choice but rather a simple expression of your personality.

Maxi dress with wooden sandals

Wooden sandals with a maxi dress are probably the most tradition option of the ones we’re covering.

Yet in some miraculous paradox, as we alluded to in the introductory paragraph, it’s not always a traditional outfit.

Maxi dress with wooden sandals examples

On stage, at a party, or in other types of social gathering, it can actually present a somewhat festive image.

Maxi dress with platform sandals

If you are concerned with looking too much like, well let’s just say it, like a housewife—then platform sandals are a way to seriously supercharge the maxi dress into the present day.

Maxi dress with platform sandals examples

Maxi dress with rope sandals

Rope sandals are the finest option of our set. They absolutely do not lack in humility, yet they are also rather alluring.

Maxi dress with rope sandals examples

Maxi dress with gladiator sandals

Gladiator sandals in recent years have struck a fantastic balance between tradition and reform.

They are powerful, yet who could deny them as a symbol of uniquely feminine charm as well.

Maxi dress with gladiator sandals examples

They could be precisely the option to go with if you aim to impress as a forward thinker without inadvertently offending in a potentially judgmental scenario.