Rompers and Jumpsuits: Footwear Pairings for the Bold and the Beautiful

Romper—the word itself can be intimidating for the uninitiated. What is a romper? 

What kind of rompers are there? We do we wear with them? 

Essentially, they are a self-contained outfit for nearly any occasion. Try one, and watch the compliments surge like a cascade of water through an overwhelmed dam. 

To state the obvious they are a great fashion vehicle for those with incredible legs who want to display them for the world to appreciate—and who wouldn’t, to be honest? 

Shoes with romper dress examples 2020

There are options to consider though, and maybe the most fun part is choosing how exactly to accent your unique personality and preferences.

What are the most common types of romper dresses?

Sleeveless rompers are like a tank top attached to a matching pair of shorts. 

The Short Sleeve Button-Up variety is a bit more practical. Floral patterned rompers are a perennial favorite and maybe even deserving of their own article. 

Maxi rompers, as pictured on the far right in the photo above, include a gown which overlays the all-in-one portion of the outfit. 

Finally denim rompers, self explanatory, are simply a romper style outfit made from denim material.

Difference between jumpsuit and romper dress

Though they are quite similar in style, there is one major difference between jumpsuits and rompers—the jumpsuit has pant leggings that are either capri length or full (ankle) length. 

They often have an airy, almost bellbottom look. The romper is much more self-contained, super short pant length, a fun outfit for especially casual occasions.

What type of heels goes well with romper dresses?

Of course our exploration on this topic would be incomplete without mentioning heels.

Frankly, ankle strap heels or stilettos are the way to go in terms of footwear that compliment the romper dress. If you’re going minimalist, go all the way. 

Romper dress with heels examples 2020

A heavier pair of heels would look sort of silly in comparison. This look simply cannot be discounted as date night attire. 

You would be presentable at an art gallery, a fine restaurant, or a nightclub.

What type of sandals can you wear with romper dresses?

Keeping with the minimalist theme, sandals are also a fine option. 

Romper dress with sandals 2020

Whether a pair of gladiator sandals, wedge sandals, or a more athletic style, they are casual enough to bring out the low pressure vibes that romper dresses are supposed to provoke.

Can I wear sneakers with romper dresses?

Sneakers go well with romper dresses or jumpsuits as well. 

It really depends on the context, but in general this is combination that would make any shining personality the central attraction of a springtime picnic. Just remember to smile, and let your inner child out! Pippi Longstocking would be proud. 

Sneakers with romper dresses 2020 examples

One aspect to keep in mind, though, is that these days sneakers are being printed in many different graphic patterns. While in most cases its totally fine to wear sneakers with a romper dress, just be careful about clashing patterns, especially if you are wearing a floral patterned romper.

What about boots?

Depending on whether you’re a counterculture person who has explored the most vintage of Jim Morrison lyrics, or if you a more center aisle frequenter, boots as a footwear decision with rompers can be either edgy and artistic – or authoritative and fashionable. 

The advice to go by is that you should wear whatever matches your mindset. 

Romper dress with boots examples 2020

If you’re a softy, maybe go with a sleek pair of boots. If you’re a perpetual heavy metal fan, then who knows? Those dark leather stomping boots with chrome rivets could be just what you need…