Maxi dress with sneakers guide 2020

Are ankle length dresses mutually exclusive with tennis shoes or sneakers?

Here we are quite bullish and supportive of casual, comfortable footwear, and we answer with a resounding, »NO« of course not.

In fact tennis shoes or sneakers can give that dress just the flavor it needs to lift it from Little Women to Miss Congeniality.

In 2020 we have a few different options to choose from in terms of casual footwear that goes well with a maxi dress. They include: platform sneakers, White Kicks, Plimsoll, and Athletics.

Maxi dress with platform sneakers

Platform sneakers, much like the wider known platform heels, are designed to give the wearer an extra inch or two of height as compared to a normal pair of shoes.

Maxi dress with sneakers guide 2020

The dress will still be the same length at the ankle or so, but the shoes will be on full display, and you’ll also likely experience a bit of a confidence boost with the gain in height.

Better yet if your confidence is already soaring, these shoes will just be the icing on the cake.

Maxi dress with Plimsoll-Canvas sneakers

Plimsoll-Canvas sneakers are a skateboarding style brand, similar to All-Star.

They are quite contemporary and balance out the maxi dress well with that look which is reminiscent of youthful  counterculture. The result is a fully adult, yet stylish presentation.

Maxi dress with plimsol canvas sneakers examples

Ugly and cool sneakers—a word of caution

You might be tempted to reach for the coolest pair of sneakers you can find and assume it will go well with a maxi dress.

We would advise against this. Certain type of sneakers, though they look pretty great with jeans of athletic shorts, simply clash with the maxi dress in a way that is pretty irredeemable. It goes without saying as well that we should avoid shoes that are simply ugly to begin with.

Ugly and cool sneakers 2020

If in doubt, bring a fashion conscious friend along and ask for their opinion. It can be a great bonding experience as well!

Maxi dress with Adidas sneakers

Adidas go pretty well with a maxi dress because they’re sleek and unobtrusive enough not to clash, yet they’re modern enough to show that you’re consciously playing with the norms of what we normally expect from maxi dress footwear.

Maxi dress with adidas sneakers 2020

It almost goes without saying as well that this choice is incredibly practical for everyday affairs, from shopping to life at home and the workplace.

Black and white

As with nearly any cut of dress, a tremendous option is to go with a contrast of black in the dress and white in the footwear.

Black maxi dress with white sneakers 2020

It’s somewhat formal, and you can also walk down the street wearing it with no problem.

Floral maxi dress with sneakers

Last word is on this particular combo—the floral maxi dress with sneakers.

Is it too eccentric to properly work out? The honest answer is that most of the time, we should avoid this combo.

However there are certain designers who are enormously talented and capable of producing a floral maxi dress that hangs in there right alongside the little black dress in terms of its applicability to contemporary fashion.

Floral maxi dress with sneakers

If you have the perfect dress, it’s a possibility. It could even be just the way for you to make waves…Do you dare provoke the beast of design normativity?