Permanent Makeup: Eye, Eyebrows, Lip

Permanent makeup is known to others as micropigmentation. In layman’s terms, it is cosmetic tattooing. This process can eradicate the stress of applying and removing makeup in a daily process. Good thing about permanent make up is it doesn’t run, smudge, and it helps other people with ease. It is also an advantage to people with allergic reaction to cosmetics like those being applied in a traditional way and the people having a hard time applying or removing them, for example are people with disability. Most of the popular type of cosmetic tattooing which are also available at the lip, eye and eyebrow.

The Eyes

The eyes are the most important feature a woman holds in her face. This part is where all people communicate with her. Thus making it the most difficult to apply makeup on. Permanent makeup can have the eye lids, both the upper and the lower, redefined and look soft. Instead of using eye pencil, liquid eyeliner, or eye shadows to darken the area, cosmetic tattooing then can be applied. Eye shadow, on the other hand, can be applied as well permanently, but it has to be applied by an experienced technician as it takes the most effort to apply. Colors have to mixed well to compliment the complexion.


The Eyebrows

Eyebrows can carry the face alone. Even without a full makeup on, as long as eyebrows are well blended and defined, it defines the features of a woman’s face. Hence, the permanent eyebrows or tattoo eyebrows is the most popular in cosmetic tattooing. Women with thin eyebrows also consider the fact that tattoo eyebrows can make their lives easier as it will not smear nor eat up their time applying and removing eyebrows every single day. It is also common for artists to have tattoo eyebrows for them to look more radiant on television even without wearing full makeup. explains more of the procedure on tattoo eyebrows.


The Lips

Just like the eyebrows, the lips are where most likely women apply colors every day. The cosmetic world just created an answer to women with thin lips too. The permanent lip makeup can enhance this feature to look defined and fuller. One can simply choose a neutral shade that can complement any other shade of your favorite lipstick that can be applied every day. It helps to balance uneven lips and hide wrinkles around the lip area too.


Lip, eye, and eyebrow are just the most common to cosmetic tattooing but it doesn’t limit itself to those areas only. It can also be applied or used to other facial features to be redefined or even scars. With the advance technology of today, it is palpable that the procedures nowadays made it easier to catch the interest of the people. One can find a cosmetic dermatologist first in able to proceed with the initial checkup and see what has to be done with the areas the individual is interested to apply permanent makeup. Sites like can also help to gain more information about permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing.