Diamonds Are Everywhere

Gem stones are commonly used as a piece of jewelry. It can be made into a ring, a necklace, a bracelet or a watch. But as time goes by, when we reached this age where innovations of different types an form are easily gaining popularity, incorporating these minerals into other things than the usual has also started to become a trend.

Diamonds in Rings

20895fy-wy_3_1Now, this one is not out of the ordinary. The history of the diamond rings’ popularity can be traced back as early as the 1930s. Ever since, the gesture of giving a woman a diamond ring has symbolized the undying love of the man who gave it. People say that the strength and luster of a diamond can be likened to a man’s real intentions and feelings for a woman. If he is willing to spend that much, then he must have all the best intentions in the world to win your heart. Diamond rings now-a-days have various designs. Some have the vintage feel to it which combines a classic look with pure elegance. There are also diamond rings that are definitely more intricate than others. These types are composed of a cluster of small diamonds that are embedded closely with each other to produce that over the top sparkle.

Diamond Accents on Lingerie

11braVictoria’s Secret is probably one of the most popular companies to create lingerie that are worth millions of dollars. But in 2001, they created this bra that was diamond encrusted and had a worth for over $12 Million. And this was followed by another pair of underwear that cost about $15 Million. Although this time, it wasn’t covered entirely of diamonds alone. Instead, rubies were also incorporated into the design. If people are willing to pay that much for something that can’t be seen by anyone except your husband, then buying a diamond ring shouldn’t be such a big deal.

Diamond-covered Cars

6630b358ffd7df81dee944acbfe37dbcA diamond-covered Mercedes is probably the craziest ride you’ll ever get—not to mention really expensive. The car itself is expensive enough and to have it covered all over by diamonds, that’s just mind-blowing. Apparently, this was made possible by a Russian girl who just happens to be rich and creative enough to redesign her own ride. There were not a lot of changes really, just that the entire car was glistening from every corner because of all the diamonds.

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So, we have established how adaptive a diamond’s beauty is. Wherever we want to put it, it doesn’t really matter. The point is that the people who have gone beyond the usual and decorated the strangest things with diamonds are happy about it. Although, on a more personal note, let us at least decorate those things that everyone can actually see and be able to appreciate. Unless of course, if you plan on wearing your diamond-encrusted underwear while shopping.